Refreshing Frozen Desserts in a multitude of flavors!

Soul-Ice is Soul for Real in a cup...

A waterbase frozen dessert with over 12 flavors to mix and match, coupled with fruit toppings, and fruit drizzle

Gourmet ice whose texture feels and looks like ice cream but does not contain any dairy. Try our mango and pina colada mixed with fresh cut strawberries topped with strawberry drizzle. Or tango with the mango, that’s our natural mango soul-ice mixed with watermelon chunks. Or what about strawberry, green apple, and mango soul-ice swirled. The all time American favorite bomb-pop (rocket pop in some parts of the country) is the cherry, lemon, blue raspberry swirled to an artistic delight “.. oh say can you see!"). If you live life free without boundaries you would enjoy the love movement inspired Tie-dye (lemon, lime, blue raspberry). If your the innovative type take any of the offered flavors and create your own mix. Soul-Ice baby it’s not just who we are but how we do it!

Makes you move!

Soul Shaker lives up to all the hype

Soul Shaker is a natural energy booster that is guaranteed to make you move after each guzzle. Don’t look but your jingling baby, go head baby!

Each lemonade, limeade, or orangeade is squeezed to perfection because we squeeze to please. We not only crush the fruit but we crush all competition with our innovative machine that pulverizes the fruit to get its citrus energy out of each peel to give you a fresh zing that is unmatched. Oh we ain’t done... next we fill you up in our 32oz container with our homemade lemonade blend cause mamma said knock you out! Wait, we ain’t playing with you... then we fuse your drink with our fresh strawberry sauce. Now it’s all good baby baaaby!

When it comes to Teas, we have that flava for your ear! Our Caribbean inspired ginger tea with our crushed limes is the right ting for your soul. The Blackberry Tea is a Northern favorite with our blend of lemonade and tea mixture, fused with our blackberry sauce. Our Peach Tea is a Southern tradition that includes our a sweet tea, blended with natural Georgia peaches and a hint of mint to get you open.