Build a juicy 1/4 pound burger or select one of our burger styles (bacon burger, mushroom swiss, and the dirty south)


Select from our variety of culturally seasoned taco styles ( American, Mexican, Jamaican Jerk, and Asian). Our proteins include chicken, beef, shrimp, and we do offer a vegetarian option.


- Pap’s green beans seasoned with bacon, onions, and white potatoes
- Ma’s baked beans seasoned with chopped green peppers and onions
- Aunty’s baked beans seasoned with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter 

- Our chopped salad in a cup
- Mexican style seasoned street corn
- Corn chips and salsa
- Mixed vegetables
- Variety of Doritos


Succulent well seasoned pulled chicken or pork sandwiches coupled with our homemade southern coleslaw or select our BBQ Bowl which replaces our artisan bun for our sweet corn bread muffins stacked on top of your choice of BBQ and slaw. A seasonal fan favorite is our Chili Bowl in time for football season and the Fall/ Winter Holidays.

And Many more

Cheesesteak sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, Rice Bowl (Build a bowl with protein, vegetables, rice, and salsa), Wraps and Stacks (burst of flavor in our chicken salad wraps or choose one of our styled Stack sandwiches on ciabatta roll)