Urban Social Enterprise

You've heard a saying...    

We are what we eat...

Well, Virginia Farmers have done an excellent job of producing more than enough farm goods to make our citizens healthier and increase health equity.

Now our State challenge is to spread the love of all this produce by creating opportunities of access for our communities to receive these goods. Our personal challenge before us is to create a more healthy and sustainable food distribution model that can be duplicated throughout the Community to make each citizen healthier, greener, and wiser.

I developed a Social Enterprise Franchise that increases health equity by bringing more quality food to multiple urban, suburban, and rural, locations. I've delivered this model to breweries and witnessed the Virginia craft brewery industry become the second largest in the country. I've delivered this model to Virginia corporations and witnessed their employees wanting to stay at work verses escaping work on long lunch excursions. I've delivered this model to local University's to help boost participation in research studies by rewarding students with healthy meals. I've delivered this model to urban food desserts and witnessed communities gather to eat and fellowship.

The Urban Social Enterprise Mobile Market connects our local Farmers with local Communities by utilizing their fresh farm goods to develop gourmet foods with cultural street cred served in a mobile food delivery system. Healthy food heals the body and we view food as medicine; thus we heal our Food Desert communities by partnering with our local Farmers to access their organic produce to enrich our gourmet recipes. These fan favorite recipes are available for the Community through our Urban Social Enterprise Mobile Markets. We see our Urban Social Enterprise Mobile Markets as a Food Farmacy, there to make healthier Community foodies.


There is Love in the Hood

It takes a village to support the movement Urban Social Enterprise Mobile Market is a workforce development ecosystem to the Community, a research lab to the University, an agricultural distribution destination to the Farmer, and food farmacy to the Hospital.

Our Urban Social Enterprise model develops additional collaborations between local Businesses, Corporations Government, and Nonprofits.